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A-Z Learning Tree House

Tree House

'Tree House' denotes: warmth, comfort, growth, closenness and friendliness.

Fun and enjoyable English learning

Our Mission

We aim to provide each and every student an enjoyable and fruitful English learning experience.

We work as a team to build on students' success.


Established in 2010, A to Z Learning Tree House aims to provide top tier English education for students from nursery class to Year 12/Form Six.  We cater for students' individual strengths and weaknesses and offer a wide range of classes from current affairs reading to effective grammar.  In addition, we also provide classes on interactive phonics, reading comprehension, situational writing, intensive one-on-one and public exam preparation.

At A to Z, we believe that a student's learning is more than intellectual - it's about their overall development.  That's why we focus on both the social and intellectual development of our students to ensure the best and most fruitful learning experience.  Here, we strive for students  to not just gain the knowledge to become better leaders of the future, but to also gain the critical thinking and communication skills.

By co-operating closely with parents and as a team, we aim to provide students with the ideal environment to enrich their English knowledge and interpersonal skills.


high-quality English learning center

Adverse Weather Conditions:

Classes will continue as usual if Typhoon Signal no. 1/ no.3 or Amber/ Red Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted.


When Typhoon Signal No.8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning is in force:


- at or after 8am, classes before 2pm will be cancelled;


- at or after 12nn, classes from 2-4:30pm will be cancelled;


- at or after 3pm, classes after 5pm will be cancelled.



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